G.D. Gazis, LLC
Structural Engineers and Construction Managers


Areas of Practice


Whether the design is standard or complex, a single story commercial structure or a large multi-story residential building, G.D. Gazis, LLC provides structural engineering services for concrete, metal, masonry and timber structures, including; heavy industrial buildings, foundries, underground structures, commercial and residential buildings, manufacturing plants, bus garages, storage facilities, warehouses, and food processing plants. Our services range from initial planning and preliminary design to the production of final engineering and construction documents.

building envelope 

G.D. Gazis, LLC has extensive experience providing engineering services and construction oversight for the restoration of building envelopes consisting of brick, terracotta, stone, concrete, steel and wood. Building facades typically deteriorate due to flawed construction quality, poor materials and lack of general maintenance. We perform a detailed survey of the façade, identify the damaged areas, determine the cause and work closely with building owners, property managers, and general contractors to develop a customized repair program.    


As local, state and federal building regulations evolve, a challenging aspect of construction is the efficient attainment of appropriate approval permits. Over years of undertaking various permitting processes, G.D. Gazis, LLC has acquired the knowledge, experience and capabilities to expedite permitting and allow a project to progress as  as promptly  as possible.

Adaptive reuse design

G.D. Gazis, LLC specializes in the design of renovations to existing structures for adaptive reuse, the process of retrofitting an old building to create a revitalized form. We place special consideration on the unique aspects of the retrofit and develop strategies that aim to optimize the building’s major attributes, including life-cycle performance, energy efficiency, and occupant productivity.


Construction management

G.D. Gazis, LLC offers comprehensive construction management and serves as the owner’s representative  to oversee the planning, design, procurement and construction of a project from conception to completion.  Our background as licensed engineers provides us the unique ability to develop effective work plans and select construction materials that factor in the cost and speed of construction. We are the connecting element between the work performed in the field and the owner and we ensure that an efficient process is carried throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Construction Loan Draw Inspections

G.D. Gazis, LLC has worked with numerous lenders to ensure an efficient construction loan draw process. We account for all cost items during inspection and perform a detailed comparison to what is represented on site. We have conducted payout inspections for a broad array of construction projects, including, single family residential, multi-unit residential (multi-story), commercial, and industrial buildings.


G.D. Gazis, LLC offers pre-construction technical review and planning services to ensure that a systematic and productive construction process is implemented throughout the lifecycle of a project. We prepare specifications and budget figures; perform constructability reviews and form staging and sequencing plans so that the construction process is efficient. We aim to integrate all members of the construction team to form a methodical and unified approach to the process producing the highest quality product within budget and schedule.

Structural Damage Assessment

G.D. Gazis, LLC is uniquely qualified to evaluate structural damage stemming from a variety of causes, including; wind loading, flooding, ice and snow loading, fires and explosions, mechanical impact from vehicles and debris, foundation settlement, and vibration due to nearby construction. We have investigated damage and failures of building components, envelopes, and foundations, assessed long-term deterioration effects on structural elements, and evaluated design and construction defects. We identify the cause of the problem and come up with appropriate repair solutions.


Whether new construction or renovation of an existing structure, the building must be in compliance with the applicable building codes. As a registered licensed structural engineering firm, G.D. Gazis, LLC can conduct a code compliance assessment and correct any violations to ensure all code requirements are met. We produce detailed compliance reports listing the observed deficiencies along with the corresponding solutions for  addressing the points of non-compliance.